The Guiding Principles and the Company’s Management vision are focused in obtaining the highest Customer Satisfaction.

One of the Key Success Factors for the long term business is to satisfy Customer requirements within terms and conditions agreed. To pursue those principles, Quimialmel Italia is committed to comply with the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001 -2008. (PDF)

In line with the Quality System adopted, the cooperation of the Company’s different functions, allows to obtain the highest reduction of the potential Non- conformances, making sure a continuous improvement process of the Customer Service Activity.


Paying the highest attention to the working conditions and environment, Quimialmel Italia monitors on regular base the working place identifying and making evident all the potential risks for the workers and the environment. At its site are in place all the protection and prevention procedures for a continuous improvement process of Health and Safety conditions of Employees and Environment.

Quimialmel Italy is part of the following associations:

The PVC Forum Italia is the Italian association which represents the entire PVC value chain (PVC resin producers, additives producers, converters).

The converter members of the PVC Forum Italy represent about 60-70% of the PVC transformed in Italy
Headquartered is in Milan. PVC Forum has over one hundred members and it’s part of the European Network of PVC forum linked to ECVM (European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers), the European association of manufacturers of PVC, branch of producers European plastics (PlasticsEurope).

The mission of the International Antimony Association (i2a) is to conduct studies and to disseminate information concerning the safety and benefits of antimony and antimony compounds, by way of giving access to data, sharing and providing information on the content of data, for the benefit of producers and importers of antimony and antimony compounds world-wide regarding environmental, health and safety regulations of these antimony compounds.

i2a also provides pertinent scientific information to government agencies worldwide.